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"A Healthy outside starts form the inside"
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About Us
About us

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Cherisher was born to induce an active and healthier lifestyle in the Indian community, urging everyone to adopt such a habit in the best possible way. We have the aim to take our products to the next level and incorporate the same in everyone’s regular life to help them lead a healthier and stress-free life.


We Create a Legacy!

After learning more about the problems people usually face with their health, poor immunity, bodybuilding journey, and obesity, we decided to provide an effective solution. It was the sheer plight and lack of activeness in Indians that compelled us to create a true manifestation of health and nutrition through Cherisher.

We Create an Active India

Our aim is to create an active India with our natural plant-based powders, effervescent tablets, and shots. These products are most potent and formulated without the use of any harmful ingredient. From extracting the pulp and juices from fruits and other ayurvedic ingredients to creating effervescence tablets for maximum efficiency, we are dedicated towards providing a simpler solution for staying active.

We Emphasize an Active Lifestyle Through our Products

Cherisher is dedicated towards making everyone understand the importance of maintaining an active lifestyle. Whether it is to combat chronic diseases or lose weight and increase muscle mass, being active is one of the best solutions. And that’s what out products are for. We focus on improving the overall health through nutrition boost, plant-based products, and concentrated extracts.


No one can pop the tablets directly since these are not mouth dissolve. Instead, the tablet needs to be dissolved in a glass of water and then consumed.

Our Cherisher products do not have any side effect. These are free from any paraben, sulfate, added preservative, or artificial flavor. In addition, we test all the products before sending them in packaging to ensure their safety and health indices meet the benchmark.

The effervescent tablet is a much better option because it takes only a few seconds to quickly dissolve in water. Once you consume the water, the nutrients and all other ingredients can mix with the blood faster and start showing the effectiveness.

Creating a user account on Cherish is super easy. All you need to do is provide the necessary details, like the name, email ID, password, date of birth, gender, and many more.

You just need to provide the bank details to the third-party payment gateway.

Yes, there will be enough security for your personal information.

Yes, you can track the order, know its status, and even check how far it is from being delivered from our online website.

Yes, we allow our customers to make any changes in the order once it is confirmed. But it should be done before the order is dispatched.

The time taken for the orders to get dispatched depends on a lot of factors, like products ordered, inventory, and many more.

We accept payments through a plethora of ways, including net banking, online debit or credit cards, mobile wallets, and even cash on delivery.